Zenith Reaches the Highest Point in California Cannabis!

Unless you’ve been stoned blind for the last few months, you’ve noticed the increasing number of strains we offer from Zenith Brands. It’s not just because their Vader OG was the first flower in fifteen years to literally knock your humble author out of his chair,…


Wheels of Weed

Iconic Wheels of Weed As we leave the long shadow of prohibition, it becomes clearer everyday that Cannabis is nearly as iconic to American culture as the car. Here are a few awesome “wheels-of-weed” to enjoy as we head into 420!


Is Medical Marijuana Right for You?

Cannabis has proven itself as a versatile plant in many facets of our lives, with the most exciting being medical applications!  I encourage people who are interested in medical marijuana not to let the unsavory stigma associated with it keep them from a viable option. For…

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