What do I need to become a Member?

You need a California Doctor’s Recommendation and a government issued ID. Yes, we accept out of state ID, but we do require a California Medical Marijuana Recommendation. Need a recommendation? Get one in minutes!

When can a person purchase recreational marijuana in California? 

While we are already green lit for recreational, the state must finalize rules before adult use sales can begin. While Prop 64 set a deadline of January 1st, 2018, delays are expected.

Can I get a delivery at another home?

Yes! You can get a delivery at any residence that is within our delivery range.

Do you take credit cards?

Due to the complicated state of prohibition, the marijuana industry is largely denied access to banking services that other industries take for granted. We are currently working to get credit card processing back in-place.

Is there a delivery charge?

Delivery is free as long as you meet the $40 minimum after all discounts and coupons. If the delivery does not meet the minimum, a $10 delivery charge is applied.

Is there a store front?

While we are delivery only at the moment, stay tuned for some exciting developments.

Can I order and have someone else here to pick up the delivery?

No, at this time, we can only deliver to member patients. However, you can refer a friend to become a member.

Do you offer a disability discount?

Yes, we offer 10% off for patients on permanent and long-term disability.

Do you offer a veterans discount?

Yes, we offer 10% off for veterans. Must have Veteran ID or DD-214.