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Welcome to M Delivers. We are a fully permitted medical marijuana delivery service servicing San Diego, Central California, and Sacramento. For over half a decade we have provided intelligent, safe, compassionate care for tens of thousands of patients. We are proud of our history of service and humbled to provide that service to you.

Some things to know:

We are an in home dispensary

Most deliveries show up with a sack and leave before you see what you received. While you can easily order from our online menus, we send a trained budtender to you door with a full selection of flower, edibles, concentrates and more for you to safely browse in the comfort and safety of your own home.

First Time Patient Package

To give you the full experience, our complementary New Patient package allows you to choose a gram, a pre roll and an edible right from our case, as well as getting a gift bag with everything needed, from lighters to pipes.