Purple Punch – Marijuana Strain Geeking

Purple Punch Strain

One of the great intellectual pleasures of cannabis is really getting to research and know a strain. J From Golden Farms has been growing J1 clones from a single mother plant for over six years now, leading to a deep understanding of how the plant grows, extracts and effects. But even consumers can benefit from […]

10 Old School Tips for New Marijuana Users

Tips for new Marijuana Users

Even if you are not totally new to cannabis consumption, getting reacquainted with marijuana can be a surprising process, particularly if you have not imbibed in the last few years. Advances in distillation, extraction and edible production have created a brave new landscape for the aspiring cannaseur, as previously un-imagined options fill the shelves of […]

New This Week August 18th Edition

Moonrocks Now Available

I love my job. Particularly Thursdays, when we get our deliveries for the week. Our purchasing and production team works hard to have a constant influx of new products, and each Thursday, I get to spend the day taking pictures, reading packaging and writing about them. This week is particularly cool. The SnowCone Pre-Roll A […]

An Interview with Kushy Punch Founder Ruben Cross

Kushy Punch Logo

Having recently added the super potent Kushy Punch Indica, Sativa and Recovery edibles, we wanted to sit down and find out a bit more about the care and love that goes into creating one of the heaviest hitting edibles we’ve encountered. Ruben Cross, the visionary founder of Kushy Punch, took the time to sit down to answer […]

Cannabis Cocktails – Beat the Heat with Chilled Marijuana Treats

Easy Cannabis Cocktails

Who doesn’t enjoy a cold, refreshing beverage on a hot summer day, no matter if you are lounging by the pool, or working in the garden. But heat and alcohol combine rather quickly to create headaches and hangovers. Skip the dehydration and enjoy the high-lights of summer with these three hand-crafted, non-alcoholic marijuana mocktails.

Zenith Reaches the Highest Point in California Cannabis!

Zenith Brands offers Humboldt Marijuana Across California

Unless you’ve been stoned blind for the last few months, you’ve noticed the increasing number of strains we offer from Zenith Brands. It’s not just because their Vader OG was the first flower in fifteen years to literally knock your humble author out of his chair, but it is their attention to detail and an […]

Patient Story – Sean Spicer – Spinal Compression

Sean Spicer uses Cannabis to help his back

Hello everybody, we are launching a new section here on the M Delivers blog. Patient Stories is a place for all of us to share our successes (and failures) in using medical marijuana to treat our various ailments. As your humble editor, I felt it wouldn’t be fair to ask for your stories without sharing […]

Sunderstorm Scientific – Where Science Meets Consciousness

Kanha Candies by Sunderstorm

Marijuana edibles and infusions is a rapidly changing field. Changes in extraction and production methods, legislation, and consumer demands all contribute to the excitement around this increasingly popular method of medicating. At M Delivers, we sample dozens of edibles every month (Hard work, we know. You’re welcome!) and recognize that choosing en edible comes down to more […]