A Conversation With Dr. Raw Organics

100% Organic, GMO-Free and produced with an outstanding sense of pride and responsibility, we are incredibly happy to have added Dr. Raw Organics to our menu, and proud to introduce the mastermind behind Dr. Raw’s edibles to discuss their history, their processes, and what makes them the healthiest medical marijuana edibles in California. (Our claim, not theirs).

Hi Meghan! Who are you and what do you do at Dr. Raw?

I’m Meghan Muckenfuss the chef, creator and co-owner of Dr. Raw Organics. I wear all the hats.

How long has Dr. Raw been around, and how did you get started?

My partner, Kyle, and I started Dr. Raw Organics about 5 years ago. I have been a chef in the cannabis industry for about 8 years in total. It all started in one of our most cherished places on earth, Rosarito, Mexico. I made dessert for a dinner party where we met a group of dispensary owners. They said darn your food is delicious, let’s have you make the edibles for our dispensary. This was back when edibles were packaged in sandwich bags with a sticker slapped on it. After a few years, the dispensary closed down due to a wave of shut downs in San Diego. After much trial and error, blood, sweat, and tears, we launched the Dr. Raw Organics brand and have now grown the brand to nearly 100 retail stores throughout California.

Where did the name Dr. Raw come from?

At the time we entered the cannabis industry we wanted to set a new standard for marijuana consumables since we found other products on the market to be lackluster in both quality and consistency. We wandered around Whole Foods for dozens of hours evaluating organic products for inspiration. We were most inspired by a few brands including Dr. Bronners, Go Raw, Burt’s Bees, Eden Foods and a few others. We indulged in a Red Velvet Brownie think session and Dr. Raw Organics was born. The Dr. Raw brand stands for quality in many aspects. We use 100% organic and non-gmo ingredients in all of our products. All of our products are infused using lab tested, pesticide-free cannabis oils. We aim to design products that could be seen on shelves at stores like Whole Foods.

What do you feel sets you apart from other edible companies?

Given the choice between cheap ingredients and quality ingredients in our products, we promise to take the high road every time. Sadly, many other companies have chosen to use cheap ingredients and cheap cannabis oils that are riddled with pesticides. Over 90% of products in stores, at the time this article was written, test positive for dangerous pesticides. Our cannabis oils are prepared using cutting edge technology that results in pure, pesticide-free oils, something that less than 10% of companies are doing right now.

Dr. Raw edibles are all organic, and you boast an impressive set of well known, brand name ingredients. Has this created any challenges as you have grown?

The saying, ‘you get what you pay for’ really fits here. High-quality, organic ingredients are harder to find and more expensive but the quality, taste and nutritional benefits are very worth it. We lead a very healthy organic, non-gmo lifestyle and I would never be able to stand behind a Dr. Raw product that didn’t meet that same criteria. There have definitely been ingredient cost challenges with sourcing organic products like this. Either they weren’t available in small quantities which was important in our infancy, or if they were available, they were extremely expensive. We’re excited about the expansion of the recreational market so we can scale up, maintain the same quality standards and bring costs down.

Dr Raw's Red Velvet Brownie is one of the best Medical Marijuana Edibles. You use lab tested CO2 extracted oil in your edibles, and then test them in house to assure reliable potency. What type of equipment do you need to use to test your oils in house?

We actually no longer use Co2 oils for our products. We use a premium, ultra-distilled 98% concentrated oil made with an alcohol extraction method. There are many reasons for this shift that I could talk about for hours but the top three reasons are the improved taste in our products, improved consistency in our products and most importantly pesticide-free inputs for our products.

A selfish question, as a lightweight who actually got a trimmer’s high (from oil on the fingers) from handling The Red Velvet Brownie during product photography, are they any plans to make a non-medicated version? That thing looks and smells absolutely delicious, but 500mg would kill me!

Haha you’re not the first to ask that. We do take special requests all the time. When is your birthday? 😉

Dr. Raw's Organic Medicated Chocolate Chunk Cookie is 100MG of super yummy edible goodnessSpeaking of the buzz after simply photographing the Red Velvet Brownie; have there been any funny stories from the kitchen? Looking at pictures of the oil you use, I imagine a spill on a hot stove could hotbox a kitchen.

Haha yes. Well not in the kitchen but our cat, Fritz, got a hold of some Red Velvet Brownie crumbs on the floor one day. He drank bowl after bowl of water and became extremely lovey dovey. We gave him lots of treats and got him through it. He didn’t seem to mind it and we enjoyed the extra love.

Obviously, I’m a lightweight, so I love and appreciate the lower doses of your Candy HeartsWhich of your edibles is the most popular in terms of sales?

The Red Velvet Brownie, the THC Candy Hearts, and the CBD Candy Hearts are the top three edibles. And honestly, those three items and the Raw Bites are my favorites as well. The Red Velvet Brownie tastes so amazing it’s so hard to only eat a small bite!

Dr. Raw Candy Hearts are organic, vegan, and GMO free Marijuana EdiblesHave you made any special plans or accommodations for the new regulatory changes being recommended by the MCRSA? (No edibles above 100mg, no milk products, child proof packaging, etc?)

Yes, our Candy Hearts are designed with regulatory dosing in mind. Once all the regulations are finalized we hope to be able to keep our high potency products like the Red Velvet Brownie, but we are remaining nimble and prototyping a few new products to meet these expected regulations.

What is in the future of Dr. Raw? Anything new coming out?

We are always ideating for new products. By popular demand, we are releasing some new tincture formulas which will be out in early October 2017. Also, a new vegan daytime edible is in development.

Thanks Meghan and the Whole Team at Dr. Raw Organics! Keep up with all of Dr. Raw’s awesomeness on Instagram, Facebook, and The Dr. Raw Blog!and for the record, my Birthday is September 17th. 😉


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  1. Donna

    I ran into Meghan at Mankind Cooperative in San Diego, CA last week, when I was out making sales calls for our child-resistant bags. She was set up outside the coop providing info about her products and giving out free home-baked NORMAL cookies. She was super nice and friendly and the cookie was delicious!

    1. Sean Spicer

      Meghan is awesome. As a total lightweight, I actually got a contact high after photographing their Red Velvet Brownie and not washing the oils off my fingers. Seeing and smelling how delicious they were, I was bummed that there was no way I could ever enjoy one. Then, a few weeks later, a pink box arrived for my birthday full of non-medicated brownies. Simply amazing!

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