An Interview with Kushy Punch Founder Ruben Cross

Having recently added the super potent Kushy Punch IndicaSativa and Recovery edibles, we wanted to sit down and find out a bit more about the care and love that goes into creating one of the heaviest hitting edibles we’ve encountered. Ruben Cross, the visionary founder of Kushy Punch, took the time to sit down to answer a few of our questions.

Who are you and what do you do at Kushy?

My name is Ruben Cross, the CEO and Founder of Kushy Punch.

Why did you choose the name Kushy Punch?

Well, our edibles do punch you in the face, right? We’ve created an infused product that speaks for itself, the gummy is a definitely a heavyweight. The boxing references go hand in hand.

When did Kushy Punch start?

Mid 2014

Feel the Power of Kushy PunchWe’re really impressed with the philanthropy Kushy has shown. Can you tell us more about Ruben Cross and his drive to give back to the community? You guys gave over 2000 lbs to a food bank, donate heavily to Wildlife Waystation, and are plotting to grow your own forest. What’s next?

We want to show that a cannabis company can be more than just a regular business. There’s a responsibility and duty to uphold as members of a community. You cannot ignore the bigger picture as well as the footprint we all leave behind on the planet. We’re doing our part to take on projects that we can DIRECTLY impact with our own two hands. We hope our efforts will spark other larger companies that CAN do more for the planet to take action.

I have read that Kushy Punch wants to help build on cannabis’ abilities in opioid mitigation. How is that shaping up?

In general, every company within this space is doing that whether they aim to or not. We all have products that can compete with companies that create addictive pain medication. We’ve expanded our efforts with CBD to help offer more options to patients who are open to an alternative.

What kind of challenges have you guys encountered while growing the business?

There are many challenges you face when growing a business in this space, I’d say for us we’ve focused a lot of our energies on perfecting our operations and our labs.

Kushy Punch is made from scratch.

Kushy Gummies seem to hit quite a bit harder than some other edibles with the same dosage. How does Kushy Punch do your infusions?

We can tell you it starts by never using a spray to coat candy someone else made. Everything is made from scratch starting with our whole plant extract. We incorporate everything together and manufacture the gummy in-house.

Does Kushy Punch do their own extraction, what kind of extractions do you use?

We use a Sugar Cane Alcohol and CO2 Extraction methods for our products

Is there anything you are doing to prepare for the new rules from the MCRSA and the coming recreational market?

Most importantly is packaging and dosing. Still in R&D phase.

Thank you, Ruben, for taking the time out of your busy day to let us know more about your amazing edibles! 

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