San Diego, CA, April 1st 2017 — MDelivers, one of the only permitted marijuana delivery services in California has successfully launched the nation’s first fully-licensed drone delivery service. The unmanned aerial vehicles will provide on-demand cannabis to medical marijuana patients across most of California in anticipation of recreational use in 2018.

MDelivers announces statewide drone deliveryAs one of the first 14 California dispensaries given the greenlight for recreational sales since the passage of Prop 64, the opportunity was unmistakable.

“After navigating the complexities of medical marijuana permitting, the state and FAA licensing process was actually pretty simple. Nobody can jump in at the 11th hour and rewrite the laws of aerodynamics.”, Chris Boudreau, CEO and founder explained.

Legislative roadblocks have prohibited larger delivery services including Amazon and Uber from launching their highly anticipated autonomous delivery offerings. MDelivers, in a remarkable upset, was able to get both state and federal authorization for unmanned delivery by applying the same tenacity needed to gain medical marijuana permits.

Utilizing an existing infrastructure of over 420 electric vehicle charging stations, the drones will be 100 percent autonomous and capable of delivering high-grade, lab-tested cannabis across all of California.

The renewable energy powered drones have a single flight range of over 50 miles and can deliver packages including cannabis flower, edibles and concentrates within 30 minutes in most areas.

You can request your drone delivery here.