New This Week August 18th Edition

I love my job. Particularly Thursdays, when we get our deliveries for the week. Our purchasing and production team works hard to have a constant influx of new products, and each Thursday, I get to spend the day taking pictures, reading packaging and writing about them. This week is particularly cool.

The SnowCone Pre-Roll

A more natural approach than our fabulous firefly, the snow cone is a keif rolled pre-roll that incorporates top-shelf flower, hash, Keif and Cannabis Oil for a magnificently strong effect and with no artificial flavoring. Great for a few sessions, or one great time with a few friends, this is quickly becoming our pre-roll of choice.

Green Hornet Green Apple Gummy

You have probably experience the Fruit Punch Green Hornet Sativa and Indica, as we have carried them for quite a while. Adding to the selection is the new Green Hornet Hybrid, Green Apple flavored gummy. Super flavorful, with a relatively quick onset, these are a great edible at a  great price.  Dairy, peanut, gluten and fat free. 45 calories per package.

SensiChew 100mg Insomnia and Energy

Moving away from strain identification and into effect, SensiChew absolutely nailed it. Each 100mg caramel is easily broken into 25mg doses. Chewy and sweet, the caramel has only a slight cannabis taste. What really sets the sensi-chews apart is their addition of other natural supplements to power up the effects of their edibles. The Energy Caramel contains 50 MG of caffeine per dose, giving a strong energy boost while the THC alleviates the anxious jitters that much caffeine can cause. Yes, that is 200mg of caffeine in each package, and yes you feel it. Meanwhile,  the SeniChew Insomnia is fortified with 4mg of melatonin per dose, making it perfect for those looking for a easy evening way to fight insomnia. 40 calories per package.

The Venice Cookie Company – The 4.20 Brownie – 1000mg Cookies and Cream

This brownie is strong. Really strong. So strong in fact, that just handling the brownie to take these pictures gave me a “trimmers high”, a condition where THC is absorbed through the skin via prolonged contact. But not only is it strong, is is delicious and has a great structure. Cassandra, our head of dispatch, describes it in comparison, “Most edible brownies and cookies are like gluten-free cookies without being gluten-free, but the Cookies and Cream brownie is actually a really good tasting brownie.” Contains @ 55mg of CBD and 15mg of CBN.

Half-Lit Lollipops – Lit Lemonade

Named and shaped after the appearance of a half moon in the sky, Half-Lit Lollipops have a secondary trick. When you’re finished, plant the stick, add water and up grows a cannabis plant!  These lemonade suckers contain 25mg of THC.

Moonrocks! Moonrocks! Moonrocks!

You asked for it, we got em! For the uninitiated, Moonrocks are super fortified flower buds. Take some top shelf flower, Soak it in premium wax. Mix in solventless distillate then cover in keif. If you haven’t had the opportunity to try these super charged nuggets, it’s an experience. These precious little rocks are not like your ordinary bud. First off, do not use a grinder, you will waste much of the hash and the wax will likely clog your grinder, instead, use an X-acto knife or other sharp blade to chop them up. When you light it, do not put the flame right to the bud, instead allow indirect heat to first heat and liquefy the wax, just as you would if topping a bowl in hash. Lastly, have a comfy chair ready, you’ll need it!

LOL Edibles – Pot Chips – Hot Cheetos Flavored – 300MG THC

That is not a typo, these Hot Cheeto flavored chips contain 300mg of THC per bag! That makes this our most potent savory edible, and certainly an incredible value, at just three cents per mg. I am not a fan of regular flaming hot cheetos, but feel these actually taste better than the original, with the slight cannbis taste well concealed behind the flavor of the chips themselves.  With the high dosing, I was able to feel a nicely sedated effect with only two chips, but those who are accustomed to higher potency edibles will want to go a bit more. As with all edibles, start small.

Nativ Bubble Hash

Another request from our patents, we have been stocking up on our hash selection. Bubble hash is a cold water extraction method, and the resulting hash is clean, solvent free and super tasty. Great as a bowl topper, and amazing when sprinkled into a joint, the care that Nativ puts into their hash production shines through in the great taste and structure of this quality hash.

Cold Water Concentrates – Ice Hash

Get this while you can! This in-house produced ice hash has been curing for a while and is finally ready for your enjoyment! The extremely low micron count on this hash means that it is pure trichomes with no plant matter. The golden blonde color of the hash proudly shows it’s purity and on the first inhale you will recognize the quality. Once this is gone, it is gone for good, as we are no longer producing our own hash.

Paradise 4 packs

Paradise candies have been a persistent favorite in our cases given their low price and decent dosing. Now, they are an even better buy, packed into a convenient 4 pack. Each candy contains 10mg of THC, and is possibly the best sugar free candy you will ever taste, utilizing stevia instead of any artificial sweeteners. Available in 40mg THC or CBD.

Kanha Candies – Yummy Gummy Rings – 300mg

These individually infused gummies from Sunderstorm have the same scientifically reliable dosing as their other gummies, with a great fruit taste. 15 candies per bag with 20mg of THC per candy. To learn more about Sunderstorm and the process that goes into producing their Kanha Candies, check out our interview with them!

Lambsbread – Sativa

First off, our apologies if you miss this one. We are actively working to keep this in stock, but it goes incredibly quick, as some patients are consistency buying out their drivers whole inventory. This amazing sativa is a highly refined version of the original Jamaican landrace strain, and was Bob Marley’s personal favorite strain. A great taste, smooth inhale and one of the purist uplifting Sativa effects around make this wonderful strain a go-to choice for sativa fans.

Lemonhead OG – Hybrid

OG Kush was crossed with C4 to create this incredibly fragrant citrus strain. If you enjoy lemon puff, lemon haze, tangie or other high citrus strains, you should give this one a sniff on your next delivery. The heavy citrus aroma is backed by the slight hint of pine, and the terpene profile shows off in it’s mellow up-lifting euphoria that is slowly complemented by a lasting full body effect.

Pandora’s Truffle – Indica

Another Humboldt hit from our friends at Zenith, this unique take on Truffle Butter (Gelato x Chocolate Kush) crossed with Pandora’s Box (JTR x Space Queen) has a sweet and fruity aroma that is even more pronounced than the original. This is a heavy Indica with a reasonably fast onset and long lasting sedation. Possibly the perfect cure for insomnia, stress, and tension, this hard hitter is almost guaranteed to provide a highly pleasant couch lock. This is also a remarkable appetite stimulator so make sure to have some food on hand.


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