I imagine a golden future when we’ll be able to send scents via the Internet. (Yes, the idea of spam in that age scares me). This has been a deep flower week with a few fun edibles and more dog treats thrown in to keep things interesting. But my goodness, the new strains we have right now and that will be coming out in cases in the next week are some of the most ridiculously fragrant flowers around!

Subtle Tea - Dreamtime Cannabis TeaSubtle Tea – CBD Dreamtime

Subtle Tea has been around for quite some time, but they always seem to improve their formulas. CBD DreamTime PM is ideal for Insomnia. Combining Valerian, Peppermint, Chamomile, Catnip and both 25mg of CBD and 3mg of THC, this seemingly low dose tea is absolutely perfect for herbally combating sleepless nights without the residual fogginess in the morning. Pro-Tip, let the boiling water rest for about a minute before steeping the tea to retain as much herbal goodness as possible, and let the tea itself steep for a long time. SubtleTea says some of their patients go sor far as to steep it over night. Adding some cream will also help your body absorb the THC more easily.

Green Hornet Watermelon Hybrid Marijuana GummyVenice - Surfer CookieVenice Cookie Company – The Surfer 150mg

150 MG of THC wrapped up in coconut and white chocolate in a delicious home style peanut butter cookie. 15mg per 1/10th wedge.

Green Hornet Watermelon Gummy – Hybrid 100mg THC

Hot on the heels of Sour Apple last week, we’ve caught them all! Long a staple in our cases, Green Hornet is known for their compact, easy to carry gummies that really pack in the potency.

PaleoPaw CBD Dog Treats Paleo Paw CBD Dog Treats – 2.5 MG CBD each

Built around a pumpkin treat that is great for dog’s intestinal health, paleo paw makes dosing easy with these small bites for any sized dog. Even Lucy, the pickiest of our office dogs enjoyed these!

Special Order: Cannabis Quenchers CBD Mango (50mg THC and 50MG CBD) and Strawberry Lemonade (100MG THC)

We know you want them in the cases, but beverages are just too heavy and hard to handle. But you asked for them, and we’ve got them! Cannabis Quenchers are not only great tasting, they have done some interesting things with thier packaging. Micro-doses can be measured in the cap and a transparent window on the side breaks the beverages into easy to measure helpings. These are special order only, so please let your patent care advocate know if you would like to order some!

Fresh Cut Flower

Not all of these are going right into cases and menus, some come from the cultivators while still curing which is how we are able to assure the freshest flowers around. But keep an eye out!

LemonHead OG

OG Kush crossed well with C4 to create a remarkably fresh smelling flower with the best of the kush uplift we all know and love. Rapid onset euphoria and chattiness make this an ideal strain to share with friends for a weekend gathering.

Peach Romulan StrainPeach Romulan

This one is still curing, but WOW the smell! A cross of Peach Kush and Romulan, this one filled the studio with it’s sharp, crisp pungence with a wonderful olfactory floor of pepper and pine. This Hybrid brings an indica chill to the Kush uplift for a particularly pleasant way to relive pain, stress, anxiety and depression.

Presidential OG

Sweet and citrus hit the nose first, and those who have been medicating long enough to remember the dizzying array of turn-of-the-century BubbleBerry strains will be singing “Back in the Day” on the first whiff of this cross of Bubble Gum and OG Kush. The Indica traits are strong with this one, making it a great option for Insomnia and Stress.

Purple Punch StrainPurple Punch

PURE GRAPE GOODNESS! A decade ago, Grape Ape was the undisputed king of the purple grape varieties, eventually unseated by Grand Daddy Purple. Well Grand Daddy Purple Crossed with Larry OG and the results were so stupendous, that we had to dig deeper. Check out our wildly in-depth report on this wonderful culmination of NorCal purples and find out WHY purple strains smell like grape candy.

Rolls Choice StrainRolls Choice

One of the top 10 flowers of the 2015 Emerald Cup, Rolls Choice is a particularly versatile variant of the OG Kush x Chemdog cross. Mind expanding and focused at light doses and sedating and relaxing at higher doses. Rolls Choice has the familiar diesel smell and taste of Sour D, but still maintains the tart sweetness of OG Kush.

Triangle OGTriangle OG Strain

Up and at em kids! Triangle OG is a legendary OG Kush strain in the American South East. Originally developed in Florida, it is the result of generations of selective breeding and back breeding to refine one of the better OG Kush strains out there. Pungent and earthy, this cut is beautifully structured with great trichome coverage and the super heady elevated effect of a very fine Kush. Perfect for daytime pain relief, and an excellent cure for creative blocks.