San Diego City Council Approves Cultivation, Manufacturing, and Distribution. San Diego Cannabis Delivery Up Next.

On September 11, 2017, the San Diego City Council heard arguments, pro and con, regarding the future of cannabis cultivation, manufacturing and distribution in San Diego city limits. After over fours hours of public testimony, the city council voted to approve permits for growing, producing edibles and extracts and wholesale transportation of cannabis products. A huge showing was made by the San Diego cannabis community, with public statements from The California Cannabis Industry Association, San Diego Cannabis Industry Association, the San Diego Cannabis Delivery Alliance, The Association of Cannabis Professionals and dozens of patients, caregivers, nurses and educators giving their testimony alongside them.

For over four hours, the city council attentively listened to over 100 citizens, with an overwhelming amount of support. There were some amazing moments, and even a few tears shed during the testimony, which you can <a href=”;clip_id=7129″ target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>watch the entirety of here</a>. Below, we have shared a few of our favorites, both pro and con.

Chris Boudreau, CEO of M Delivers, is of course, one of our favorites. Speaking on behalf of the San Diego Cannabis Industry Association, he proposed a city-wide cap of 50 permits rather than the 2-per-district proposed in option 1. Like many, he brought up the issue of delivery and the over saturation we would expect once adult-use is finalized.

Jared Adams, representing Combat Veterans for Cannabis spoke eloquently about the importance of the delivery model to the 50,000 veterans residing in San Diego who have been diagnosed with PTSD.

Elizabeth Wilhelm, director of the San Diego Delivery Alliance, <a href=””>who we have written about before</a>┬áspoke strictly on the shortcomings of the current San Diego stance on permitted storefronts and the need for independent delivery services, proposing an ammendment recognizing the state permitted non-retail delivery model.

Scott Chipman was one of the more colorful speakers who spoke against any cannabis use. Founder of “Citizens Against Legalizing Marijuana”, he brought the house down when he performed “The Dab” a 30 year old dance move made popular by Cam Newton of the Carolina Panthers, and insinuated that it was a secret code luring children into the use of concentrated cannabis. Leaving the floor, not content with a mic drop, he held up a wrapped white parcel, and proclaimed it was a pound of marijuana, and dropped it on the podium. The crowd, understandably, had to be reminded of the decorum of the council chambers.

Doctor James Harrison. If this were a weekend music festival, the fine doctor would have been the headliner. As his time period went on, he became more and more animated. It was not until afterwards, that I was able to research his background. Impacted by two illegal dispensaries that opened near his “Little Lamb Christian Preschool” in early 2016. With this deeper understanding, it is easy to see where he draws his passion, however it is important to note that the council meeting was meeting to finalize the very rules that would prohibit these things from happening. Doctor Harrison, if you read this, please drop us a line, we’d love to feature your story in our Podcast.

In the end, option two was approved, allowing for 40 city wide cultivation, manufacturing and distribution permits, making San Diego one of the first cities in California to enable the full supply chain to remain locally owned and operated. Stay classy, San Diego, you just keep earning the title of “America’s Finest City”.



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