Introducing Wiff, a New Way to Experience Scent Online

San Diego, CA, April 1st 2017 — MDelivers, one of the few permitted marijuana delivery services in California has created a device capable of sending the scent of marijuana over the internet.. Available for just $19.99, Wiff allows cannabis connoisseurs the ability to smell marijuana strains online. Utilizing a proprietary, 100% THC free terpene cartridge that allows it to be sold globally, the device is capable of accurately reproducing the scents of nearly every major marijuana strain available in the US.

Sean Spicer, Director of Marketing at MDelivers said the device will completely change ecommerce for any scent oriented business. “The simple fact of the marijuana industry is that smell is a deciding factor for most consumers. Since the same strain from two different providers can vary greatly, allowing our members to smell the flower as they will receive it is a game changer.” Spicer goes on to explain that they are currently in negotiations to license the platform to perfumiers, coffee roasters and scratch-and-sniff sticker retailers.

While the device is only available at now, Spicer expects many medical and recreational dispensaries to jump on board, enabling “SMail marketing”, where subscribers can get the best and freshest scents delivered right to their email.

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